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Jake Bernstein has been teaching traders for many years that they should utilize methods that include a specific Setup, Trigger, and a Follow Through (STF). This helps traders enter trades that put the odds in their favor and allows them to maximize their profits in the trades they take. Every system in Jake Bernstein’s Setup and Timing Triggers add-on follows the STF model.

Identify Triggering Stocks

Utilizing Jake's Setup and Timing Triggers and the MetaStock ExplorerTM, traders will now be able to easily scour the market to find only the best opportunities available in their markets of choice. Whether traders are looking for Stocks, Futures, or Forex signals, they will be able to focus their time looking at the instruments that have triggered an entry signal now.

Determine what works for you

Setup and Timing Triggers comes with seven systems. As with any new system, it is important to identify the systems that work best in your trading. With MetaStock, you can easily back-test all of these trading methodologies to determine what will work best for you in terms of profitability, risk/reward, and trade frequency.

Follow through analysis on every trade

With the MetaStock Expert Advisor(TM), you will receive trade signal recommendations on every trade. In addition, you will receive stop losses and profit targets on all of the technical systems. With the expert commentaries, you will receive detailed explanations on all of the included systems.

Systems included in the Setup and Timing Triggers add-on:

  • JBS – 2 Day Breakaway Gap
  • JBS – 30 Minute Breakout
  • JBS – 5 Bar MAC pattern
  • JBS – MAC with AD/MA
  • JBS – Momentum/Moving Average
  • JBS – Moving Average Channel
  • JBS – Power Momentum

Commitments of Trader Tools*

In addition, the Setup and Timing Triggers add-on includes Jake Bernstein’s Commitments of Trader Tools. These tools are designed to work specifically with Futures and Currency markets. The Commitments of Trader Tools are designed to help you identify major trends in price for commodities before they happen. These tools are specifically designed to work with the following futures and currency pairs:

Australian Dollar Crude Oil Live Cattle
British Pound Euro FX Sugar
Canadian Dollar Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice Swiss Franc
Cocoa Gasoline Treasury Bonds
Coffee Gold 2 Year Treasury Notes
Copper Heating Oil 5 Year Treasury Notes
Corn Japanese Yen 10 Year Treasury Notes
Cotton Lean Hogs Wheat

*The Commitments of Trader Tools require the Shatterfield Commitment of Trader data to run. All purchasers of Setup and Timing Triggers will receive a free setup ($99 value) and two free months of the Shatterfield COT data service ($50 value).

Receive a free month of MetaStock Professional or MetaStock End of Day whether or not you purchase Jake Bernstein’s Setup and Timing Triggers.

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Please note: The COT data is not currently compatible with version 12 of MetaStock. We are working to ensure that we have compatibility as soon as possible.
MetaStock compatibility: please review our add-on compatibility table to see which versions of MetaStock this add-on works with.

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