Introduction to MetaStock XVI Featuring the Re imagined Explorer

MetaStock XVI is the most power intuitive version of MetaStock ever released. We invite you to come take a glimpse into the power of MetaStock in this brief 60 minute presentation.

During this 60 minute interactive presentation we will cover:

A new Re-imagined Explorer that allows more flexibility than ever in viewing and working with reports and getting you to your trading data.
Favorite settings for the Explorer and Back Tester
Your top used indicators displayed first
Sort by name or Symbol to make searching symbols easier than ever
Double Click to open charts from the Power Console
Edit Local Data from the chart or from the Downloader
5 New Built-In Pattern Scans based on CandleStick Patterns
Adaptive Cycle Toolkit (Now Included in MetaStock)
Dave Landry New Systems - 5 Systems based on the work of Dave Landry
Sectorstat Update - Now including Experts for Oil and Metals
Dynamic Trading Tools Template for Automated Trendlines and Support & Resistance

We will also be giving an introduction to Candle Profit Systems by Steve Bigalow. The new version features new patterns and strategies you won't want to miss seeing.

Don't miss this overview of MetaStock XVI and how it call help you get to your trades faster.

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