Introduction to Simplicity Trading Systems.

Join Ryan Capaccio Co-founder of Simplicity Trading Systems will introduce the Endeavor add-on and demonstrate how it can shorten your analysis time and help you predict future movements.

The goal of Endeavor is to stop traders from reacting to price movements and start preparing for them! By cutting through the clutter of endless indicators and using a simple three-step system, technical analysis can be made simpler.
In the webinar Endeavor will show you how to predict:
• Long-term trends
• Short-term trends
• Full rebounds back to recent highs
• Dips in price during upward trends
• The end of upward momentum
With the Endeavor add-on you no longer have to guess when the correct time to enter or exit a trade is. Our alerts and commentaries walk you through our steps keeping you in control of your trading.

About Ryan Capaccio:

Ryan Capaccio is co-founder of Simplicity Trading Systems and managing partner of Capaccio Trading Co. Simplicity specializes in creating simple-to-use technical trading strategies designed to shorten analysis time and predict future movements. Capaccio Trading Co. is an equity trading company that trades their own capital.

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