New Discoveries in Neuroscience and How They can Dramatically Help Your Trading

In trading - errors create bad decisions. These bad decisions can cost you a fortune. Join Joe Duffy, for this one-hour session in which he will teach you to trade based on math. The results will be better, more consistent trades.

1. Practical application of the new discoveries of neuroscience to trading.
2. The single most important thing you need to know about your brain.
3. How embracing this can change everything.
4. Why trading is very simple to understand but so hard to do.
5. What you can start doing right away to change the habits that are holding you back from more trading success.

As a bonus, attendees will receive a FREE month of Joe Duffy's daily video newsletter KeyPoint Daily, featuring proprietary trading tools and algorithmic systems you cannot find anywhere else. Joe's newsletter is designed to be instructive, illustrative, concise and unhedged, with no double talk.

About Joe Duffy:
Joe Duffy has a highly accomplished career as an institutional Prop trader, trading system developer, and a financial writer.
He is a 3 time top 10 finisher in the United States Trading Championships with actual real money annualized returns of
121%, 243% and 423%.
Joe has also managed a proprietary FX Trading book for one of the worlds largest banks, actively trading positions for the
bank’s account and risk.

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