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Add-OnAsset TypeTrading StyleIndicatorsSystemComponentsPriceMetaStock VersionsReleased
Anne Marie's Target Rich Trades
by Anne Marie Baiynd
Stocks, Futures, Forex, ETFsST, FT, FX, ETFsShort Term SwingShort Term SwingA Proprietary blend of indicators that include Stochastic Momentum Index.Black BoxBlack BoxSystems Tests, Explorations, Expert Advisors, Layout$49916+16+11/18
Dr. Adrian F. Manz's Around the Horn Pattern Scans
by Adrian Manz
Equities, Futures, ForexEQ, FT, FXSwingSwingTrend, momentum, S/RToolbox, DiscretionaryTool, DiscrExplorations, Experts, Training Videos$29911.0 and higher11.0 +4/13
Barry Burns Top Dog ToolkitEquities, Futures, ForexEQ, FT, FXIntraday, Swing, Long TermIntra, Swing, Long TermCycles basedTooboxToolIndicators, Explorations, Experts, Templates$49914 or higher14 +10/14
Chuck Hughes' Prime Trade SelectEquities, OptionsEQ, OPIntraday, SwingIntra, SwingTrendMechanicalMechIndicators, Explorations, Experts,Templates$49912.0 or higher12.0 +3/13
Don Fishback's Odds CompressionStocks/OptionsST/OPSpread TradingSpread TradingNon-DirectionalSwingSwingIndicators,Expert Advisor,Exploration$399141410/15
Dr. Elder's Enhanced Trading Room
by Dr. Alexander Elder
Stocks, Options, CFDs, ETFs, Futures, ForexST, OP, CFDs, ETFs, FT, FXSwing/TrendSwing/TrendForce Index, Triple Screen, DivergenceToolkitToolkitIndicators, Expert Advisers, Explorations$49915 +15 +1/18
by Dr. Issy Bacher
Equities, Futures, ForexEQ, FT, FXIntraday, Swing, Long-termIntra, Swing, LongCycle, TrendMechanicalMechIndicators, Explorations, Experts, Templates$49911 or 13 and higher11 and 13 +7/14
Dr. Stoxx Trend Trading Toolkit
by Dr. Thomas Carr
EquitiesEQIntraday, Swing, Long-termIntra, Swing, LongTrendToolboxToolExplorations, Experts,Templates$39911.0 and higher11.0 +5/13
ETS Trading System
by Michael Mermer
Equities, FuturesEQ, FTIntraday, Swing, Long-termIntra, Swing, LongTrendMechanicalMechIndicators, Experts, Templates$29910.0 and higher10.0 +7/13
Fulgent AI
by Ed Downs
North American StockNorth American StockAritificial IntelligenceAritificial IntelligenceAI routines based on indicators and trade methodologiesLong Term, Short Term, and Break outLong Term, Short Term, and Break outExpert Advisor, Templates, Exploration, Systems Test$149/mo or $1609.20/yr16+16+7/19
Greg Morris' Japanese Candle Pattern RecognitionEquities, Futures, ForexEQ, FT, FXIntraday, Swing, Long-termIntra, Swing, LongTrend, S/RToolboxToolIndicators, Explorations, Experts, System Tests, Templates$39911.0 and higher11.0 +5/13
Guy Cohen's OVI TradersStocks, Options, ETFsST, OP, ETFsShort term, Long termShort term, Long termOption Volatility derived from chain dataDiscretionaryDiscrExplorations, Indicators, Expert, Template$197/mo or $1997/yr16+16+6/19
ICE 2.6
by John Slauson
Equities, Futures, ForexEQ, FT, FXIntraday, Swing, Long-termIntra, Swing, LongTrend, Momentum, Volatility, S/RMechanicalMechIndicators, System Tests, Experts$2999.1 and higher9.1 +5/13
Ichimoku Master
by Trading Systems Analysis Group
Stocks, Futures, Forex, ETFsST, FT, FX, ETFsIchimochu - Trend and Trend followingIchimochu - Trend and Trend followingIchimochu Kinko HyuToolbox, EducationalTool, EducationalIndicators, Expert Advisors, Explorations, Templates$39915156/17
Jake Bernstein's Setups & Timing TriggersEquities, Futures, ForexEQ, FT, FXIntraday, SwingIntra, SwingMomentumMechanicalMechIndicators, Explorations, Experts, System Tests, Templates, Videos, Includes COT work for futures.$39911.0 and higher11.0 +9/13
JBL Risk Manager
by Joseph Barrington-Lew
EquitiesEQSwing, Long-TermSwing, Long-TermPortfolio ManagementMechanicalMechPosition Sizing, Risk and Trade Management, Performance and Trade Journal$2998.0 and higher8.0 +6/04
Jeff Tompkin's TradeTrend
by Jeff Tompkins
Stocks, Futures, FXST, FT, FXMomentum Swing TradingMomentum Swing TradingVolume, VolatilityProprietaryProprietaryExpert Adviser, Templates, Explorations, Systems Tests$90/mo or $972/yr16+16+1/19
Joe Duffy's ScoupeEQ, FT, FXEQ, FT, FXIntra, Swing, LongIntra, Swing, LongMomentumMechMechIndicators, Explorations, Experts, templates, System Tests$69915+15+11/17
John Carter - Squeeze SystemStocks, Futures, ForexST, FT, FXIntraday, SwingIntra, SwingBased on the works of John Carter, Volatility compressionToolboxToolIndicators, Experts, Explorations$59/mo or $637/yr14 and higher14 +5/15
Chart Pattern Recognition
by John Murphy
Equities, Futures, ForexEQ, FT, FXIntraday, Swing, Long-termIntra, Swing, LongTrend, S/RMechanicalMechExplorations, Indicators, Experts$2997.03 and higher7.03 +
Bollinger Band System
by John Bollinger
EquitiesEQIntraday, SwingIntra, SwingVolatility, TrendMechanicalMechIndicators, Explorations, Experts$2997.03 and higher7.03 +9/13
John Bollinger Bollinger Band Tool KitStocks, Options, CFDs, ETFs, Futures, ForexST, OP, CFDs, ETFs, FT, FXBollinger BandsBollinger BandsJohn Bollingers complete toolkitTrend, Breakout, and PatternTrend, Breakout, and PatternSystems Test, Expert Advisers, Explorations, Templates$49/mo or $529/yr15 +15 +11/17
Marc Belnick's Bullish-Buy & Bearish-SellEq, Ft, Op, FXEq, Ft, Op, FXSwing, IntraSwing, IntraTrend, Volatility, Money managementMechanicalMechIndicators, Experts, Explorations, Templates$99/mo or $1069/yr14+14+3/16
Mark Leibovit's Volume Reversal ToolKitEquities, Futures, Forex (Pro only)EQ, FT, FX (Pro)Intraday, Swing, Long-termIntra, Swing, LongTrend, S/RMechanicalMechExplorations and Experts$99/mo or $1069/yr12.0 and higher12.0 +4/13
Nison's Candlesticks Unleashed
by Steve Nison
EquitiesEQIntraday, Swing, Long-termIntra, Swing, LongTrend, Volatility, S/RMechanicalMechExplorations, Experts$2997.2 and higher7.2 +7/13
by Panos Panagiotou
Currencies, Equities, Futures, Forex, IntenationalCurrencies, EQ, FT, FX, IntenationalTrend and SwingTrend and SwingProprietaryMechanicalMechIndicators, Expert Advisors, Explorations$99/mo or $1069/yr15 +15 +4/17
Performance Systems Plus
by Robert Deadman
Equities, Futures, ForexEQ, FT, FXIntraday, Swing, Long-termIntra, Swing, LongTrend, S/RMechanicalMechExplorations, Experts, Systems Tests$2997.03 and higher7.03 +3/13
Perry Kaufman's Rapid StrikeIndex ETFS, Futures, IndicesIndex ETFS, FT, IndicesShort term TradingShort term TradingProprietaryShort TermShort TermExpert Advisor, Templates, Exploration, Systems Test$49916+16+7/19
Power Pivots PlusEquities, Futures, ForexEQ, FT, FXIntraday, Swing, Long-termIntra, Swing, LongTrend, momentum, S/RMechanicalMechIndicators, Explorations, Experts, System Tests$2997.2 and higher7.2 +11/13
Price Headley's Big Trends ToolkitStocks, Options, ETFST, OP, ETFTrend TradingTrend TradingBigTrends tools, Williams %rTool KitTool KitIndicators, Expert Advisors, Templates, Systems Tests$49/mo or $529/yr15+15+10/17
by Rahul Mohindar
EQ, Futures, FX, ETF'sEQ, FT, FX, ETF'sIntraday, Swing, Long TermIntra, Swing, Long TermSwing, Trend, Counter TrendBased on the work of Rahul Mohindar.Based on the work of Rahul Mohindar.PowerScreener, Indicators, Explorations, Experts, Templates$129/mo or $1395/yr15 +15 +12/18
Red Rock Pattern Strategies
by Jeff Crystal
Equities, Futures, ForexEQ, FT, FXIntraday, Swing, Long-termIntra, Swing, LongMomentum, S/RDiscretionaryDiscrIndicators, Explorations, Experts$29910.0 and higher10.0 +10/13
Rick Saddler's Patterns for ProfitStocks, Futures, Forex, ETFsST, FT, FX, ETFsSwingSwingSwing PatternsTechnicalTechnicalExpert Adviser, Exploration, Template$39915+15+4/17
Rob Booker's Knoxville DivergenceStock, Futures, FXStock, FT, FXCounterTrendCounterTrendDivergence between price and momentum confirmed by RSIAutomaicAutomaicIndicators, Explorations, Experts, Layouts$9915 +15 +7/17
Rob Hoffman's Pro Trader Pack EliteEQ, FT,FXEQ, FT,FXIntra, SwingIntra, SwingBreakout and Momentum StrategiesToolToolIndicators, Explorations, Experts$199514 +14 +12/19
STS Endeavor
by Simplicity Trading Systems
Stocks, Futures, Forex, ETFsST, FT, FX, ETFsTrend, Swing, Short TermTrend, Swing, Short TermProprietaryTechnicalTechnicalExpert Adviser, Exploration, Template$99/mo or $1069/yr15 +15 +6/17
Steve Bigalow’s Candle Profit System 2.0Equities,Futures, ForexEQ,FT, FXIntraday, Swing, Long-termIntra, Swing, LongTrend,S/RToolbox,DiscretionaryTool,DiscrExperts, Templates, Explorations$49916 +16 +4/18
Henrik Johnson's Power Trend Zone
by Henrik Jonson, Stockpicker
Stocks, Options, CFDs, ETFsST, OP, CFDs, ETFsSwing/TrendSwing/TrendProprietaryBlack BoxBlack BoxExploration, Expert, System Test, Template$39915+15+11/17
Stuart McPhee's Trade Launch SystemsEquities, Futures, ForexEQ, FT, FXIntraday, Swing, Long-termIntra, Swing, LongIndicator based systems uses great money management techniquesToolboxToolIndicators, Explorations, Experts$49914 and higher14 +1/15
Superior Profit
by Sagar Nandi
ST, OP, FUT, FXST, OP, FUT, FXIntra, Swing, TrendIntra, Swing, TrendTrendToolToolIndicators, Experts, Templates, Explorations$99/mo or $1069/yr14+14+3/16
Tactical Trader
by Clinton Schadlich
Equities, Futures, ForexEQ, FT, FXSwing, TrendSwing, TrendTrend, MomentumMechanicalMechIndicators, Explorations, Experts, System Tests$39910.0 and higher10.0 +5/13
TTT Momentum Toolbox
by Mike Rocheleu
Stocks, Futures, Forex, ETFsST, FT, FX, ETFsSwing and MomentumSwing and MomentumThis add-on uses time-tested trend and momentum indicators combined with solid money managementMechanical and Risk ManagementMech and Risk ManagementIndicators, Explorations, Experts, System Tests, Templates$499151511/16
by John Slauson
Stocks, Options, CFDs, ETFs, Futures, ForexST, OP, CFDs, ETFs, FT, FXShort Term/Swing TradingShort Term/Swing TradingVolume Profile, ConvergenceReversalReversalIndicators, Expert Advisers, Explorations$29915 +15 +2/18
Walter Bressert Profit TraderEquities, FuturesEQ, FTIntraday, Swing, Long-termIntra, Swing, LongCycle, TrendMechanicalMechIndicators, Explorations, Experts, System Tests, Templates$9507.03 and higher7.03 +6/13
Wendy Kirkland's Automatic Swing TraderEQ, OPEQ, OPIntra, SwingIntra, SwingTrendMechMechIndicators, Explorations, Experts,Templates$49914 +14 +2/19
Vince Vora's Favorite Trade SetupsStocks, options, ETF's, Forex,ST, options, ETF's, FX,Swing TraderSwing TraderCandlestick/trendSwingSwingindicators, expert advisor, exploration$499141410/15
Vince Vora's VoracityStocks, ETFs, Futures, OptionsST, ETFs, FT, OPSwing, InvestingSwing, InvestingProprietaryProprietaryProprietaryExpert Advisor, Templates, Exploration$199715+15+3/19
Winning Momentum Systems
by Vince Vora
Stocks, Futures, Forex, IndicesST, FT, FX, IndicesSwing MomentumSwing MomentumIchi Mochu, Moving Averages, TrendStrategyStrategyExpert Advisor, Exploration, Templates$49914143/16
Valuecharts Complete Suite
by MicroQuant
Stocks, ETFs, Futures, OptionsST, ETFs, FT, OPValue based momentum tradingValue based momentum tradingValue and MomentumPatented, ProprietaryPatented, ProprietaryExpert Advisor, Templates, Exploration$149716+16+5/19